So, I’m going to India…

So, I’m going to India in August. I’m nervous but also super excited. I’m excited because I’m going with The Miracle Foundation, an Austin-based organization that partners with struggling orphanages in India to help them better care for the children. These are struggling orphanages, run by Indians, who lack the resources to provide for the […]


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This new thing I’m trying

  I started making collages as a teenager to decorate my school binders. It was the only part of going back to school that didn’t make me want to throw up. Then one summer I got really bored and started collaging on my bedroom’s closet doors. I didn’t enjoy a lot of things about my […]

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You Make Beautiful Things

A little over a year ago my nephew decided to be baptized. At that time I had wanted to acknowledge this big decision he was making but I get uncomfortable trying to say touchy-feely stuff to people and I hate writing notes in cards, so Todd and I opted to get him the Narnia books […]

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I was right, but also wrong

As shocking as this may be to some of you, I have a touch of the OCD. One of the little, seemingly inconsequential things that I’ve always fixated on and been bothered by is numbers, specifically odd numbers. I hate them. Except for numbers ending in 5, or single digits under 10. Then I’m okay with odd […]

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Shut up, Weight Watchers

You guys should go watch this commercial, and then come back and answer the following question. How do you think the little girl in the beginning of the commercial would respond if she were to know what is apparently of great concern to her grown up self? Would the little girl… A. punch her grown-up […]

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Get out your bird flu masks

Depression seems to be going around lately, at least in the little corner of the internet I frequent. There was this post from Kendi, and this one from Jenny. And I’m pretty sure Dooce is still dealing with some stuff. Are you sad? I’ve been feeling a little down. Not depression, but anxiety. Which some […]

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Society 6!

Hi everybody! I have some new pieces available! And I’m going to try selling prints of them on Society 6, an awesome website full of great, affordable art (that can turn into quite the time-suck if you’re not careful). Here are the pieces, which are all prints of original pieces I hand-painted, -cut, and -glued: […]

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