Bowling for Kids’ Sake

My good friend Vanessa works for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Todd and I are once again “helping” her by joining her team for Bowling for Kids’ Sake. I’m hoping to raise more money this year than I did last year (and at least cover the cost of my bowling and pizza), so I’m offering an incentive. For every $10 a person pledges for my bowling, his/her name will be entered in a drawing for an original collage, created just for this giveaway. (So if you pledge $10, your name will be entered once, if you pledge $20, your name will be entered twice, etc.)

The 8″x10″ collage features wings because of how Bigs take Littles “under their wings” when they become mentors. (Cute, no? That part was Todd’s idea.)

Please note: The collage actually looks much better than this, and Todd is going to re-scan it soon to get rid of the blurriness and discoloration. I’ll put up the new image as soon as he gets it done. I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.

Just follow this link, fill out the form, donate at least $10 by April 8, and you’re entered!

If you’d rather not enter online, contact me by April 8 with your name, address, and pledge amount, and I can enter you old school. BBBS will mail you a statement for your pledge and you can send them a check.

I’ll announce the winner on April 12. (But really, when we’re supporting BBBS, aren’t we all winners?)

Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you very much for your support!


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