Happy Birthday, Dad!

My dad’s birthday is this weekend. Yay, Dad!

Because this went so well for me on my mom’s birthday, I’m asking you to leave a comment sharing what you like best about my dad. (I know, I know, there are so many things to like, how can you choose just one? That, my friend, is what we call a first-world problem, so get over it.)

So what is it? His inability to let go of old pop culture catch phrases? The way he makes everyone feel like he’s their friend? His eclectic taste in music?

If you don’t know my dad (which would be weird, because he runs into people he knows at rest stops on the turnpike) you should seriously consider calling and getting to know him. If you’re nervous and need a way to break the ice with him, just tell a corny joke and you’ll be best friends.

So, peeps, get to sharing! Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dad!

  1. Hayley’s sad is great – he is always cheerful and once made me the best cup of coffee ever – in my book that’s next to saintly (is that a word). Happy Birthday Larry!!!!


  2. I remember going through a stage where I was slightly embarrassed that when the server would introduce himself at a restaurant Dad would always pipe in with “Hello, Dan!” or whatever the guy’s name was. But Dad is that RARE person who actually wants to be nice and cares about the guy’s name.

    Also, that time we went to Dallas for a vacation and he knew somebody in a department store sealed the fact that he knows people EVERYWHERE. But Hayley, Hubby and I have talked about how your husband is becoming That Guy.

    Hubby would say he likes Dad because he looks like Tom Hanks, especially the CGI-version of Tom Hanks in “Polar Express.” It’s true.


  3. I’m a pretty big fan of LC’s. He’s an easy-laugher and an incredibly generous, likable person. Add the fact that he knows almost everyone and he’s paved the way for me to make friends by simply saying, “I’m LC’s son-in-law.”


  4. Thank you Hayley for the “shout outs” regarding my recent birthday. I appreciate the fact that you did not keep the day on the “down low”.

    Mindy, I would love to have another cup of coffee with you. I honestly don’t remember the recipe for that great and memorable cup but I will certainly try to duplicate it – bring your lovely family to TOK anytime! You won’t be sad.

    Erin, sorry to embarrass you back then. Unfortunately that is what Dads do to daughters sometimes. Hopefully not so much anymore! Hubby is right about the Tom Hanks look-alike reference. Admittedly I was skeptical at first but what Hubby says is true. Fortunately, Mr. Hanks has enough money and fame to overcome this setback.

    Tood, the fact that you are LC’s son-in-law and $5 will get you virtually any cup of coffee you want at Starbucks. Maybe we will see Mindy there someday…

    Joke of the day:
    Eve: Adam, let’s break up.
    Adam: But why?
    Eve: I think we should see other people.


  5. Ah, LC. Kinda like my 2nd or 3rd father (depends on where Rick Cline lands). I remember Sesame Street Live with Shannon,Hayley and me when you took us. It’s been a great many years and hope more to come!


  6. Todd not Tood — that too is humiliating.

    Hey Laura, thanks for the comment. Sesame Street Live was a great evening. We partied until 9 or so that night. Don’t worry about where to rank me – to be in with Mikie and Rick is huge.


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