I’ve spent the majority of this week in bed with a sinus infection. This is only my second sinus infection ever in my life, and it has confirmed for me the theory I developed after my first: sinus infections are stupid.

I previously blogged about a weird trip* I took during a sermon at my parents’ church. A few months later I was walking down the hall at work, thinking about how amazing knees are, and realized that was a weird thought and that I was feeling similar to how I felt that morning in church. I then realized the common thread was cold medicine, and came to the conclusion that my “enlightened” state at church that morning was in fact a side effect of the large quantity of cold medicine I’d taken to alleviate the symptoms of my sinus infection, and I had not actually broken through to a higher state of being.

So this go-round I skipped cold medicine to avoid such nonsense, and while I’ve probably felt worse overall I have been mostly lucid. (Or at least as lucid as you need to be to follow the plot of a Law & Order episode.)

Then last night, as I was drifting off to sleep after having been awake a whopping 3 consecutive hours, Conan was on the TV. He was about to start a new segment wherein he discussed the least-visited sites on the internet. I laughed and asked Todd if maybe Conan was going to mention my blog as one of the sad, seldom-visited sites. Todd said something like, “What if he did? Wouldn’t that be crazy?” And I said it would be embarassing, especially because I couldn’t even remember what I last blogged about.  

And then my mind started going. What if Conan did mention my blog? If he did, I’d probably start getting more visitors, and then I’d really need to start trying at this blog thing. And seriously, what did I last write about? Was it totally lame? Probably so. This was going to be humiliating.

So I laid there, listening to Conan, hoping he wouldn’t actually mention my blog. I can’t even tell you what sites he did discuss, but, it probably goes without saying, my blog was not one of them. However, I am now convicted to make a blog I would be proud to have Conan read.

And I know that my craziness cannot be blamed on Dayquil alone, which is really too bad.

*Like, a drug trip. Not a car trip.


2 thoughts on “Realization

  1. Sorry to hear you were sick Hayley. I don’t know Conan personally; however I am confident that he would enjoy reading the blog of someone who is a fashion expert and clever TV reviewer!


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