I can’t think of a cute title for this post. Or a proper way to end it. Sorry.

This past weekend I made a quick trip with my sister and her kids to see my parents in Tulsa. Saturday night, Little Missy decided she really wanted to watch my parents’ VHS copy of The Lion King, while at the same time G really wanted to show all of us a hilarious train video he’d found on YouTube.

It was probably a pretty obnoxious scene, with my mom, sister and me struggling to connect the correct cords to the correct places on the TV and VCR, Little Missy hovering nearby wondering what was taking us so long, my dad sitting quietly in the corner holding the baby, and G repeatedly telling us we had to watch this YouTube video because it was so funny, seriously. But I don’t think any of us thought it would actually be funny.

We finally got the TV and VCR connected and learned that as a youngster I was rather inconsiderate and did not rewind VHS tapes after watching a movie. I hit rewind on the VCR, leading Little Missy and G to look up at me and ask what that weird noise was. I told them it was the sound of the VCR rewinding the tape, and also of my heart breaking because they are teaching me what it feels like to feel old.

Everyone except Little Missy then filed down the hall to the office so we could watch G’s train video, and it was so good I would now like to share it with you.


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