A little more explanation

Thanks to everyone who commented on this post. You gave me some insightful answers that weren’t the same old answers I was expecting to get.

This may be unnecessary, but I wanted to give a little more detail to the questions posed after my presentation so that you can better understand the reasons behind my post.

The very first question came from a woman on the front row. She’d been paying attention the whole time and wasn’t shooting me dirty looks or anything. She asked, “So, you’re wanting to do this here, right?” I was confused, but finally figured out she meant do work for Love 146 here in Wichita. (Please note, I had mentioned Love 146 during my presentation, but I discussed probably a dozen groups that work against sex trafficking.)

After I told her that yes, I was interested in starting what Love 146 calls a Task Force here in Wichita, she asked me why since there’s already a group here in Wichita helping local victims. In what I thought was kind of a rude tone, she asked me why I wouldn’t just join with local people to help local victims instead of starting my own thing for international victims.

Other people asked questions about local victims and ICT SOS, but they weren’t as rude. They were just curious.

This first lady, though, seemed angry at me for wanting to help international victims. I told her that I was in contact with the people behind ICT SOS and fully intend to partner with them, and then I told her I didn’t discuss local efforts because I’d been asked to speak on work being done internationally. The teacher even felt the need to step in and confirm that I was asked to only speak on international trafficking.

The lady just sat there with a sour look on her face, but didn’t say anything else. And that’s why I wrote my blog post. I just didn’t understand the anger, and since there are millions of trafficking victims around the world I’m not sure why she thought we should limit ourselves to local work.

So again, thanks for your feedback. You were all a little too rational so I’m not sure you helped me understand where this particular person was coming from, but I found your answers very interesting.

3 thoughts on “A little more explanation

  1. Thanks for prompting me to think about this. I’m not really all that surprised that someone responded so negatively. There is undoubtedly an undercurrent of xenophobia/”America first” thinking in that sort of reaction.

    But I also think that the issues we choose to get involved with and support are very personal, and this is something I don’t think many people think about. I used to try to pressure my friends into getting involved in the same causes I felt were important. (To be clear: not what I think you are doing.) But the more I think about it and the older I get, the more I believe that service and advocacy are things we have an individual calling for, much like a career/the ministry/family/a life partner. Figuring out where our calling is requires a lot of study and discernment, but it is so important. I am still working on this myself, but I feel guided toward domestic violence advocacy, especially when it comes to education about healthy relationships. (This is one of the reasons why the issue of sex trafficking interests me, because abuse and trafficking are linked, and because the victims of both are similarly affected.)

    So anyway, rather than focus my energy on questioning or denigrating someone else’s choice of service, I’d prefer to encourage the people I know to spend some time exploring what topics and organizations are good fits for them. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every single person were doing just a little something to improve their community and the world? Pollyanna-ish, I know, but if we got rid of a lot of this silly infighting and supported people in determining their “service calling,” I think volunteerism would be more common, and more effective.


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