Hi! Remember me? At one time I blogged regularly. I don’t do that so much anymore, so you should just stop expecting it and I’ll stop apologizing when I don’ t do it. Deal? Deal.

So what has kept me busy lo these many weeks? Well, first up is getting our house ready to be licensed for foster children. Has this been the longest licensing process in Kansas state history? Yes, yes it has. Thanks for asking. But a few weeks ago we got on the Youthville licensing person’s calendar for November 29 (or so we thought – foreshadowing!) and really got to work.

A couple weekends ago our friends’ brother-in-law installed what we feel are rather unnecessary railings on the front of our house. He also fixed the loose/already-fallen-off bricks on our front steps, and came in under budget. He’s our new favorite person.

This past weekend my parents thought they were coming into town for Thanksgiving and family time but were actually lured here to work on our house. They installed our baby gate and curtain rods, and only put one unnecessary (and rather large) hole in our walls. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Todd and I did some work ourselves, such as securing the shelves in our bathroom. And making the bed in the kids’ room. And installing a carbon monoxide detector that, 3 days later, still has not fallen off the ceiling.

Then Todd called the Youthville licensing person yesterday to see if we really have to put big locks on the doors to our basement. He’s worried the big locks will give guests the impression that we’re hiding a person down there. (Just like in that Kirstie Alley movie I watched on Lifetime because I knew we were about to cancel cable and I wanted to get in all the Lifetime movies I could before it was too late.) Turns out, we probably won’t have to put big locks on the doors. Also turns out, the Youthville licensing person isn’t actually a licensing person. She’s a person who comes to our house to tell us what we need to do to get licensed by the state licensing person, who’s a totally separate person who will come on another day.

At this point I would like to stress that Todd and I both communicate with all sorts of people every day, and we never have as much trouble as we do when communicating with Youthville employees.

Anyway, this revelation meant that last night, instead of cleaning my poor house to within an inch of its life, I left my very clean house alone and got to work on something else that I guess I’ll tell you about tomorrow because this post is getting long enough as it is, and Todd says my posts are often too long. So, um, please come back tomorrow for some slightly interesting news (cliffhanger!).


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