It’s difficult to come up with a title for a post about nothing

I don’t really have anything I feel like writing about, but I figured it was time to get the “Merry Christmas” post off the top of my page. So here’s some things you might (but probably won’t) find interesting.

  1. I have some items for sale at The Onion Tree, located at Doulgas & Hillside in Wichita. The shop is closing on January 15 and after that I’ll sell the un-sold items through my Etsy shop. But you need to get over there like, today, to look at all the cute things from the other artists.
  2. Our final foster care home inspection is happening on Monday, January 9. We’ve yet to complete the list of things to do that we received at our last Youthville meeting, but we did successfully* install magnetic cabinet locks the other night. We feel pretty good about that.
  3. Wow, I don’t have a third even remotely interesting thing for this list. I’m sorry. So, I’ll just encourage you once again to go to The Onion Tree before it’s too late.

*Successfully = the locks haven’t fallen off the cabinets yet


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