We did it

Todd and I became licensed foster parents today. He stayed home this morning to meet with the person from the KDHE, and when he called me after she’d left our house I expected him to say we hadn’t passed the inspection and we had more work to do. But he didn’t say that, he said that we passed. And that she thought our kids’ room is cute (which it totally is).

I would’ve been pretty upset if we hadn’t passed since we have now closely followed two separate checklists of things to do to our home for it to be considered fit for foster children. But I was also surprised we passed, and had this feeling of “Well, we sure tricked them.”

That feeling of trickery doesn’t come from a place of actual deceit.  We made all the necessary changes to our home, had 4 different Youthville/KDHE workers into our home on 6 separate occasions, went through 10 weeks of classes which included 10 weeks of homework, turned over personal health and financial information, and let our friends be interviewed as to our mental and emotional fitness. So Youthville and the KDHE definitely did their due diligence on us and know exactly who it is they’re allowing to care for foster children.

I think I just feel like we “tricked” them in the same way I feel like Todd and I trick all of the world, everyday, into thinking that we’re grown ups who actually belong in the grown up world. Because I’m still pretty sure we don’t belong. And I’m pretty nervous about caring for other peoples’ children. But I’m also really excited.

Any day now we could have foster kids in our home, and I plan on sharing here the little bit I can about our experiences (mostly about our feelings/thoughts, next to zilch about the actual kids).


4 thoughts on “We did it

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m emotional about this. I guess it’s like hearing you guys are pregnant. I love you two for your big, soft hearts and generous souls. You will be great at this! (And, yes, that is a great, happy kid’s room.)


  2. Great job Peeps! You will bless those kids who are coming to your house with kindness, hope and laughter.

    Is Rock Band an approved Youthville/KDHE kid’s activity?


  3. Congratulations! I am excited for you guys and for the kids who will get to live with you. :). I’ll be DYING to know all about your experiences!


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