National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

My mother said when we were sold, we must ask God to make our masters good, and I asked who He was. She told me, He sit up in the sky. When I was sold, I had a severe, hard master, and I was tied up in the barn and whipped. Oh! Till the blood run down the floor and I asked God, ‘why don’t you come and relieve me? — if I was you and you’se tied up so, I’d do it for you.’
-Sojourner Truth, Address to the Friends of Human Progress Meeting, October 1856

January 11 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. In honor of this day, Love 146 has been posting quotes about slavery, like the one above, to their blog every day this month. You should go to their blog and read all of them, because they’re fascinating and inspiring.

I don’t know what else to say about this day and the reason it exists. Slavery of all kinds is despicable, and I don’t understand why God doesn’t come and relieve all the slaves. But He doesn’t, so we better do something about it. Today I encourage you to go to Love 146, International Justice Mission, Polaris Project, GEMS, and ICT SOS and find a way you can offer some relief.


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