Placement #1

My dad asked if I would blog about our first foster care placement, and I said I didn’t know if I would because I didn’t know what to say. Todd said I should blog about it just to tell people we successfully did it. So, people, we successfully did it. We fostered two kids this past weekend, and all four of us lived to tell about it. (I would say all six of us, to include the cats, but they’re a little shell shocked so it may be premature to say they made it through.)

We knew fostering would be tough and sad, but I don’t think anyone knows how tough or sad it is until they actually do it. It’s kind of like “Steel Magnolias.” You know intellectually that it’s a sad movie, but you don’t realize just how sad it is until Sally Field is crying in a cemetery.

Over the weekend we learned some things that we’ll keep in mind for next time, but we also know that next time will involve a completely different kid/set of kids so we can’t be totally prepared. But we’re pretty sure that in a few days our house, our cats, and my heart will have recovered enough to be ready for the next placement.

Before I post this, I’d like to thank our families, our friends (especially Grant), and some people on Twitter I’ve never met in real life for their help and encouragement this past weekend. It was very helpful and very appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Placement #1

  1. Hayley, you and Todd did a great job this weekend. The kids were high energy but they minded very well. Two being dropped through the front door mail slot into your living room when you have little previous experience is traumatic for everyone. A sign you were great is simple and unspoken – remember how many times they voluntarily climbed into your lap.


  2. First off, see, I read it. Secondly, I am so thankful that Vanessa and I have you and Todd to journey with through this super excited and fairly scary world of foster care. I can’t wait to hear more….okay, bye.


    1. First off, thanks for reading. Second off, we’re also glad to have some friends going down the same path. That’s supposed to make it easier on all involved, right?


  3. It sounds like your first placement was a success! (and I have no doubt you and Todd will continue to be fantastic foster parents!) I am so happy you two have made such a strong decision to be foster parents. You will have more impact on these children’s lives than you will ever know. Keep being wonderful people and the children you foster will see it and learn from you.


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