Yay for moms!

My mom’s birthday is this weekend. She’s been a good mom, which should be obvious to all of you because of how fantastic my sister and I turned out. But even if you don’t know my sister or me personally, you should know that we’re both bright, happily married people with clean criminal records who are about as well-adjusted as is possible in this messed up world. And that didn’t happen in a vacuum. So happy birthday, Mom!

If you know my mom and want to wish her happy birthday, please do so in the comments. If you don’t know my mom you can still wish her happy birthday in the comments, or you can say something nice about another mom you respect. Yay for moms!


3 thoughts on “Yay for moms!

  1. Happy Birthday Sheila!! You do have two amazing daughters and they have made you proud. Enjoy your day, hope it is filled with joy and blessings. Miss you my friend. Joan


  2. Wonderful daughters! Great sons-in-law! PRECIOUS grands! Gracious friends! Brings me back to all the blessings in my life. Thank you.


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