Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is next week! Crazy, right? I can’t believe it’s already May, where has the year gone, etc., etc.

For those of you genuinely surprised by my reminder of Mother’s Day who are now kind of stressed out because you haven’t even started thinking of what to do for your mom, I say, “Thanks for continuing to read this post in spite of your stress.” I also say, “You should continue to keep reading because I’m here to help you.”

For Mother’s Day this year I’m offering free upgraded shipping (as in, overnight shipping) when you order anything from my Etsy shop and pay for regular shipping from now until May 10. This will save you some cash and also some anguish as you can be sure you’ll get a nice gift in plenty of time.

Included in my offer are these prints, which are printed on acid-free, archival quality paper and are ready to be framed and gifted.


Another option is a pack of 12 blank notecards (four cards in each of 3 designs), which comes with 12 envelopes and wrapped in a pretty bow. You could maybe get away with not even worrying about a gift bag since my little bow there is so cute. Maybe.

So head over to my Etsy shop and see what might be your mom’s (or wife’s, or sister’s, or aunt’s, or older female friend’s) favorite Mother’s Day gift ever. (Notice I said “might be.” I’m confident but I’m not making any guarantees here.)











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