No matter what you say, this technically counts as a post

Hey! I haven’t been the best blog post-er lately because I have a couple of posts I want to write but they both require things like reading and thinking before I can write them, so that hasn’t happened yet.  So instead I’m posting this, which will involve very little reading or thinking for any of us.

First of all, I now have prints and cards available at The Onion Tree. I had some items at the store’s first location but the owner was forced to move from that location. She’s now re-opened at a new location – inside of Roots & Bloom, a wholesale flower shop near downtown Wichita. You guys, you can smell the fresh flowers from the parking lot. It’s pretty awesome. So go to The Onion Tree, look at my cards and prints and the items from other local artists, and then buy some fresh flowers. It’ll be a great day.

Secondly, I’m still Treading on Trafficking to raise money for Love146. This is a quote from a survivor at Love146’s Round Home that I really should’ve posted closer to Mother’s Day, but I obviously didn’t, so please appreciate it now:

“The mommies in the Love146 Round Home are just like real mothers, it’s like being in a real home, so my life is actually complete.”

Your money, in whatever amount, will support the work those “mommies” are doing, and help restore a young girl’s life. You can go here to donate.

Lastly, this handsome guy needs some cancer treatment.

You can read more about him and donate some money to help cover the costs of his treatment here.

I know I’m asking you to donate to two causes in this post and, if you’re trying to choose between which one to give to, go ahead and give to the cancer treatment now because they’re only 8% of the way to their goal, and give to Love146 after you get your next paycheck. Thank you!


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