People of the Internet (but specifically the women)

Please stop making disparaging comments about your bodies on Facebook. Even if it’s self-deprecating humor. Even if it’s in the context of a workout or a healthy meal. Saying you can’t eat anything for the rest of the day after a “splurge” in the morning is not helpful for the girls, teenagers, and women you’re friends with. And making fun of your “jiggling” body is not helpful for the girls, teenagers, and women who may have a little “jiggle” of their own but didn’t know they needed to concerned about it. And if they were already concerned about their “jiggle,” you just told them they were right to be worried.

I know body issues are hard. And I’m not saying you can’t think about having to “make up” for a “bad” meal or worry about your thighs jiggling, but don’t write about it on Facebook. If we all start recognizing that that language is harmful to ourselves and others and keep it to ourselves, someday we will have taught ourselves not to think that way, and we will never have told the younger generations to think that way in the first place.

So don’t criticize your body for not fitting into an arbitrary beauty ideal, especially not on Facebook. Instead write about how much fun you have running or doing Zumba or hula dancing, and praise your body for the things it can do to bring you joy. And we’ll all feel much better about ourselves.

*end of rant*


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