It’s a tentpole!

Things you start thinking about after watching what some people might consider too many episodes of Law & Order on Netflix:

  1. Alibis. Todd was gone on a recent Saturday morning so taking care of Steve, our dog, was left to me. I took him for a short walk and fed him and returned him to his crate. When Todd got home he asked what time the dog had been fed and walked, and I couldn’t remember the exact time. I thought to myself that I needed to start paying attention to what times I do things in case I ever get questioned by police, since fuzzy timelines are a red flag for them. And then, on what I think was the same Saturday, we got home after church and it was dark and stormy. Steve needed a walk though, so Todd took him out in the rain. As Todd was on the walk with Steve it occurred to him that if he came home and something had happened to me he would look pretty suspicious. Who takes their dog on a walk in a storm on a Saturday night? Guilty people, that’s who.
  2. Judgment. When I read news articles about criminal investigations or trials I compare what the real police officers and district attorneys do to what the Law & Orderpolice officers and district attorneys would do. And it usually seems like Briscoe and McCoy would get better results than their real-life counterparts. That could be because Briscoe and McCoy didn’t always follow the “laws” or “ethic codes” criminal justice people follow in our world, but Briscoe and McCoy usually got their man, so… 
  3. Wishing. Law & Order was cancelled a few years ago and at the time I didn’t mourn it too much. But I keep reading news articles about crazy crimes and thinking about how Law & Order would do an episode about them, and then remembering they’re not making new episodes. I used to think Law & Order’s “ripped from the headlines” episodes were just lazy writing, and maybe they were, but they were also giving the viewers what they wanted – sensationalized interpretations of real-life crimes as portrayed by out-of-work actors, complete with witty one-liners and witnesses who can’t just stop unloading that truck/waiting tables/arranging flowers to talk to the police while they’re trying to investigate a murder.

In other news, tomorrow is my birthday! If you feel so inclined please donate to Love146 to commemorate my birth and to help stop sex trafficking. I think it’s what Lennie would want you to do. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “It’s a tentpole!

  1. I stopped watching Law & Order when Batman’s dad became the district attorney. Since he rode the show into its sunset, I wasn’t too disappointed when it went off the air, either. What’s your favorite cast? I think the glory days had Sam Waterston, Claire, Jerry Orbach and Benjamin Bratt.


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