LIV Fest 2012

I’m going to be at LIV Fest‘s artisan market tomorrow (June 16) from 12-5 p.m. selling my wares. My booth will be on the south side of First Street in between Broadway and Topeka. I will have cards and prints you’ve already seen, as well as new items such as this:

I actually took pictures of some other items, like a canvas with Johnny Cash in a frilly frame and another canvas with Richard Nixon and pink and gold flowers, but those pictures actually turned out worse than the one above.

I also have another octopus diptych, a squirrel watching TV, a pun-ny deer, and cards to say “thank you” in three different langauges. There truly is something for everyone.

The artisan market is free to get into and will include lots of booths selling things like jewelry, art, and handmade bath soaps, as well as food trucks, music, and busking dancers. It should be a good time! Please come say “hi” to make sure Todd doesn’t get too bored.


One thought on “LIV Fest 2012

  1. Have a great and profitable day, Hayley. And do not worry about Todd – I predict that there will be plenty of people around to keep him entertained.


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