Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Updating My Blog

  1. Therapy. Sometimes modern medicine doesn’t do the trick/isn’t the only thing you need to get you feeling better. If that’s the case with you (as it was with me), I would suggest you ask your sweet psychologist friend for recommendations of therapists in your area. If you don’t have a sweet psychologist friend you should go find one and then get a recommendation for a therapist. If your area is sorely lacking in sweet psychologist friend prospects you should move. That place sounds horrible. If moving isn’t feasible, just start asking around. There’s no shame in wanting to go to therapy, and I promise you that your pastor/friend/grocery-store-check-out lady has either been to therapy or knows someone who has and can recommend someone to you. And then you can begin learning how to control your horse, which is what my therapist is doing for me. (Or maybe your horse is under control and you need to learn some other skill – I don’t know. That’s why you should go to a therapist, because he/she will know how you and your horse are doing. And no, I’m not going to explain that phrase to you right now.)
  2. Eating chocolate cake. Because my therapist told me to. (It’s called self-care and it’s totally legit.)
  3. Getting massages. Because my therapist told me to. (It’s called self-care and it’s totally legit. And my back was a  total mess because it turns out I’m kind of tightly wound, who knew? I mean, other than Todd, my family, my friends, my cats, the stray cats in our garage…)
  4. Going to Colorado. For some R&R. And for some Ikea. And for to go to a Brazilian steakhouse.* But mostly for the R&R.
  5. Reading. I’ve read some interesting books lately but I don’t feel comfortable recommending most of them. For example, I recently read Cloud Atlas and, while it’s a very good book, it can also lead to strange thoughts about the meaning of life and the state of humanity in someone already not feeling the greatest. I also read Assassination Vacation, which was very interesting, but parts of it could offend some of my right-of-center readers. And I’m almost finished reading How to be a Woman, which I’m finding very interesting, but the author is rather crude throughout so I don’t want to recommend it in case someone reads it and gets offended and comes after me with pitchforks because the author lives in Britain and is thus too far away to pursue. I did read, and can recommend, Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?, and Bossypants, which I read with MY EARS. I’ve also started Girl Gone and it’s okay so far so I’ll go ahead and recommend it, too. But I reserve the right to rescind that recommendation if the book gets worse as I go. I didn’t really intend for this to turn into a book recommendation paragraph but, since that’s where I’ve ended up, I should probably give you a whole-hearted recommendation for reading this far into the paragraph. The only book I feel comfortable recommending right now is The Secret Garden. If you can find something to be offended by in that book you win a candy bar. But also, I won’t speak to you again.
  6. Cross stitching. Like this, and this, and this.
  7. Planning. And you should start planning, as well, for a night of fun on November 30. I’m doing a one-night pop-up shop to sell some of my items. There will be calendars! And holiday ornaments! And greeting cards! And original collages! And food! And a beverage of some to-be-determined type! And possibly live music! If you promise to come to my shop I’ll promise to stop using exclamation points when writing about it.


*I left the Brazilian steakhouse feeling more full than I have in a really, really long time. In fact, I think the last time I felt that full was after my family ate at Piccadilly one night and ordered dessert after dinner, because that’s what we do. My sister, who I’m sure knew I was already feeling pretty full before dessert, taunted me by saying she doubted I could finish my entire piece of chocolate strata cake. Like John Locke (this one, not this one), I don’t like being told what I can’t do. So I ate that entire piece of chocolate strata cake and even kept it down the entire ride home, which was no mean feat. My stomach may have ballooned to twice its normal size, but I totally showed her. This happened last month. Just kidding! It was probably 18 years ago, because we’re old.


6 thoughts on “Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Updating My Blog

  1. HAYLEY, WHAT WERE YOUR STRANGE THOUGHTS ON THE MEANING OF LIFE. Do we need to hold a book club before the book club so I can convince you to share your thoughts and reactions because I really, really want to hear them?


    1. Ha ha, no, we don’t need a book club before book club. I would’ve said yes to that before last week’s meeting, but now I feel better about it all. I shared some of my thoughts during book club and the other thoughts weren’t very interesting so I didn’t feel like sharing. Those thoughts were more like, “This book made me feel kind of small. But also kind of important.” Really not the best contributions I could make to the discussion.


  2. Very interesting reading for me Hayley. I feel your pain as I have been through and in therapy, and seeing a
    doctor that gives me medication for my panic attacks,
    insecurity feelings, depression and, sometimes, just getting through the day. I haven’t done the reading you have done, but probably should, and reading your post has encouraged me to search out that route. I have really good weeks, and then out of the blue I will have a really a bad week, which is where I am this week. Thanks for sharing what you have, it has given me some incentive to “try harder on myself”, and get outside myself. I have become very isolated and I know that isn’t good. I have been asking God for some direction and help, and I truly believe this is one of His answers. Thank you for sharing. I know how hard that can be, especially to people who have “no clue”.


    1. I’m sorry you were having a bad week. I know that can be discouraging after having some good weeks and thinking maybe you have things figured out. The books I discussed in my post aren’t depression-related and I don’t know if they would help anyone dealing with depression, but I’ve found that I feel better when my mind has things to think about other than itself so that’s why I’ve been trying to read more.


  3. Thank you for blogging again Hayley. I have missed seeing you here.

    The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg is an excellent read. No one will be offended by the content; however the reader will be challenged by the content.


  4. Therapy: Me too! We should get together and talk about it because I’m pretty sure I have become That Person that talks way too much about my therapist and all my friends are becoming quickly sick of me.

    Looking forward to attending your pop-up store and hearing about how it goes. (Selfishly, because I might want to do something similar next year.)

    Always good to see one of your updates in my Google Reader. 🙂


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