Catch up

Hey! It’s been over 4 months since I last posted. Here’s some info to get you caught up on my life:

  1. My pop-up shop, Decoupagerie, was held in late November. It went well thanks to the help of my parents, sister, husband, and the super sweet friends who showed up and bought stuff. And thanks to assorted strangers and my firm’s managing partner, who also showed up and bought stuff. I’d like to do another one sometime but I’m going to give everyone a break before putting them back to work.
  2. After the Decoupagerie, I went to sleep. For about 2.5 months. See, in November I started sleeping even more than what had become normal for me. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D deficiency. I was put on a heavy-duty supplement, and in the past few weeks I’ve finally started feeling like a normal person again.
  3. I’ve continued going to therapy, and I continue to recommend it to any of you feeling down.
  4. I quit my job. After I found a new, part-time job at a local spa. The goal is to allow myself more time and energy for full time foster care placements. The unintended consequence will hopefully be regular massages at a discounted rate.
  5. We started watching The Bachelor. It was totally an accident. I turned on the TV in the bedroom one evening when I was going to bed early due to my rickets, and the season premiere just happened to be on. I left it on while I got ready for bed, cringing at the stream of awkward, earnest, misguided women streaming from limousines while simultaneously breaking their mothers’ hearts. It was so sad it wasn’t even fun. But I kind of fell in love with one of the contestants and had to watch the next week to see what happened to her. And Todd happened to watch that episode with me and became fond of the same contestant. And then we just kept watching, resulting in our spending way too long discussing the mental state of our favorite contestant after she didn’t receive a rose last week. Sean (who apparently went to K-State?!) is totally dead to me now, but I’m also rather certain I’ll be watching again this week. And I’ll probably have to watch that episode at the end of the season where the women gripe about the man they’d all previously been in love with, while knowingly sharing him with each other, so I can see how our contestant is doing now.
  6. While looking for the above links on The Bachelor’s website, I found this. Oh my gosh.



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