Society 6!

Hi everybody! I have some new pieces available! And I’m going to try selling prints of them on Society 6, an awesome website full of great, affordable art (that can turn into quite the time-suck if you’re not careful).

Here are the pieces, which are all prints of original pieces I hand-painted, -cut, and -glued:

Since the originals were handmade the prints will show some of the imperfections of the originals. My little OCD heart kind of hates the imperfections, but my artist heart kind of loves them because they add a warmth to the pieces that digital art just doesn’t have. And that is my timid little sales pitch on why you should but my stuff instead of someone else’s. That, and a promotion Society 6 is offering right now of free shipping on any of my art prints from now until July 14, if you follow this link.

And please let me know if you’d be interested in the originals for any of the above pieces. Some of them are already spoken for, but some of them will be available in my Etsy shop soon, so if you want one let me know and I can hold it for you.


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