Things I learned during the Great Health Scare of 2013

1. God works in mysterious ways, such as using my “deep and tiny veins” (not said as a compliment) to humble Bill the IV Guy. I’m sorry, Bill, but His ways are not our ways and it’s not my fault you bragged about your awesomeness to that nursing student right before you came to give me an IV.

2. I’m not being a baby when I get crabby due to hunger. I’m hypoglycemic and my crabbiness is a symptom, and someone should just feed me already.

3. This really is one of the greatest SNL skits ever.

Also, friends and family are awesome, the girls at Anatomi Imaging at St. Joe are the best, and Chick-fil-A food is really good at pulling me back from hypoglycemic shock. And I don’t have a tumor! I was sure I had a tumor. But I don’t.


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