You Make Beautiful Things

A little over a year ago my nephew decided to be baptized. At that time I had wanted to acknowledge this big decision he was making but I get uncomfortable trying to say touchy-feely stuff to people and I hate writing notes in cards, so Todd and I opted to get him the Narnia books as our way (but really, mostly my way) of saying, “We love you and are proud of you but are too uncomfortable to say more than that out loud so here are some books we think you’ll enjoy. Also, Lucy is awesome.”

So my niece decides to get baptized recently and Todd and I start trying to decide how to wordlessly convey our feelings about this occasion. We’ve set this book-giving precedent, but our niece is not the voracious reader her brother is so we quickly nix that idea. We really wanted to give her something that would be special and also celebrate the unique person she is. And who she is is an artist, so after driving Todd a little nuts while I agonized over what quote to use, I made her this:



And a detail shot:



It’s just our little way of trying to affirm the creative person she is, remind her that trait is something she has in common with her Creator, and hopefully convey how special we think that commonality is.

We also gave her a book in case she thought what I made her was lame, but her mom promises she loves it. I love it, too, and I was happy to give it to my sweet niece.

And now we probably have a few more years before my sister’s youngest decides to get baptized and I have to figure out what to give the drama queen.


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