Get out your bird flu masks

Depression seems to be going around lately, at least in the little corner of the internet I frequent. There was this post from Kendi, and this one from Jenny. And I’m pretty sure Dooce is still dealing with some stuff. Are you sad? I’ve been feeling a little down. Not depression, but anxiety. Which some […]

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Catch up

Hey! It’s been over 4 months since I last posted. Here’s some info to get you caught up on my life: My pop-up shop, Decoupagerie, was held in late November. It went well thanks to the help of my parents, sister, husband, and the super sweet friends who showed up and bought stuff. And thanks […]

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I’m gonna get real, y’all

I can’t remember when I watched Splendor in the Grass, but it must have been late high school, early college. In the movie, (Spoiler Warning*) Natalie Wood goes crazy trying not to have sex in a small Kansas town in the 1920s. She goes so crazy that she has to go to a mental hospital, […]

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