On deciding not to do foster care

  “Never half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing.” -Ron Swanson In high school, and a number of times since then, my mom has accused me of burning the candle at both ends. I thought of her when I heard the the above quote on a recent re-watch of an old episode of Parks and […]


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Another Foster Care Placement

We had another foster care placement this past weekend, this time with one seven-year-old boy. Here’s what I learned: I don’t understand ADHD. This little boy has been diagnosed with ADHD which, at least this past weekend, meant that he wanted to try every game/toy in our house for about a minute before moving on […]

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A little more perspective

It’s been a couple of weeks since our first (and so far, only) foster care placement so I thought I’d share some more feelings/observations now that I’m a little removed from that weekend. Observation #1: Foster care is a lot like you expect it to be. It’s hard, it’s tiring (so tiring), it’s worthwhile. This […]

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Placement #1

My dad asked if I would blog about our first foster care placement, and I said I didn’t know if I would because I didn’t know what to say. Todd said I should blog about it just to tell people we successfully did it. So, people, we successfully did it. We fostered two kids this […]

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We did it

Todd and I became licensed foster parents today. He stayed home this morning to meet with the person from the KDHE, and when he called me after she’d left our house I expected him to say we hadn’t passed the inspection and we had more work to do. But he didn’t say that, he said […]

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The other day I made a sarcastic comment about our communication with Youthville. I was pretty frustrated when I wrote that post, but as Todd and my mom quickly pointed out, I probably shouldn’t have written what I did. So I would like to apologize to Youthville for airing my grievances with it in an […]

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Hi! Remember me? At one time I blogged regularly. I don’t do that so much anymore, so you should just stop expecting it and I’ll stop apologizing when I don’ t do it. Deal? Deal. So what has kept me busy lo these many weeks? Well, first up is getting our house ready to be […]

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