A little late in posting

My mom recently (two months ago) had a milestone birthday so I decided to make a decoupage block that celebrated some of the big dates in her life as a birthday present for her. Then things got super busy and crazy in my world and the birthday present became a Mother’s Day present. Happy Birthday/Mother’s […]

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Yay for moms!

My mom’s birthday is this weekend. She’s been a good mom, which should be obvious to all of you because of how fantastic my sister and I turned out. But even if you don’t know my sister or me personally, you should know that we’re both bright, happily married people with clean criminal records who […]

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Happy Birthday, Erin!

Today is the birthday of my older sister, Erin. She’s the “nice” sister, and the “gave-her-parents-grandchildren” sister, and thanks to her blog and newspaper column, she’s now the “famous” sister. All this to say that there are probably people falling all over themselves to wish her a happy birthday. So if you’re needing an un-crowded […]

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Happy Birthday, Mindy!

Today is Mindy’s birthday! You should all say very nice things about her in my comments or over on her sweet blog. If you don’t know Mindy personally, here are some ideas of nice things you could say about her: She’s a loyal friend She’s a terrific mother, wife, and aunt Her daughter’s really cute […]

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Happy Birthday, Dad!

My dad’s birthday is this weekend. Yay, Dad! Because this went so well for me on my mom’s birthday, I’m asking you to leave a comment sharing what you like best about my dad. (I know, I know, there are so many things to like, how can you choose just one? That, my friend, is […]

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