Things I learned while serving on a jury

1. My fellow citizens have a lot of respect for jury duty. In fact, they have so much respect for it that they didn’t so much as giggle at the Troy McClure-esque “Welcome to Jury Duty” video we were all forced to watch. I don’t have as much respect. Or maybe I was the only […]


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It’s a tentpole!

Things you start thinking about after watching what some people might consider too many episodes of Law & Order on Netflix: Alibis. Todd was gone on a recent Saturday morning so taking care of Steve, our dog, was left to me. I took him for a short walk and fed him and returned him to […]

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I’ve spent the majority of this week in bed with a sinus infection. This is only my second sinus infection ever in my life, and it has confirmed for me the theory I developed after my first: sinus infections are stupid. I previously blogged about a weird trip* I took during a sermon at my parents’ […]

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