Faraway Neighbors

For the past few years there’s been a big push to do everything locally. We’re all encouraged to buy from local retailers and eat food from local farms, and especially to support local causes and non-profit organizations. Many non-profit organizations tout on their websites and in their literature that all money raised will stay right […]

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In an effort not to suck

I’m still raising money for Love146 by Treading on Trafficking. I haven’t been talking about it much in real life or on the interwebs because it’s so uncomfortable to ask people for money. When I went to Love146’s conference nearly two years ago, Rob Morris, a co-founder of Love146, said a few words to the […]

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Tread on Trafficking

“I got to take out what was hidden in my heart.” – Trafficking survivor, India Recently an aid blogger wrote about how she often gets asked what the best way is to get involved with a cause, and she answers:  give money. It doesn’t seem exciting to us here in America, but it’s what’s needed. There are […]

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Tread on Trafficking Update #2

Day: 41 Miles Walked: 43.5 Money Raised: $260 So, I’m a little over halfway through my Tread on Trafficking campaign. As you can see from the above numbers, I’m a little over halfway to my fundraising goal of $500, and I’m a little under halfway towards my goal of walking 89 miles. I have a […]

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Lately, I’ve been asking you all for some money. You may not have noticed since I’ve been so subtle about it. You know the money is for Love146, a group that works to end child sex trafficking and to restore victims of sex trafficking. I think their work is something everyone can agree is valuable […]

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Tread on Trafficking Update #1

Day: 6 Miles Walked: 0 Technically, ToT began on May 1. In actuality, I have not started walking yet. Why not? Because I have no motivation as you people haven’t sponsored me.* OK, that’s only partly true. I spent the first half of this week caring for my friend’s kids. I actually thought I could […]

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