Extravagant glowy caftans

This post was written by me about 8 months ago but I wasn’t feeling the greatest at the time and never posted it. I’m posting it now because I still want to share, but at the same time I don’t feel like making it into a better post. And now that you’re super excited to […]

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Listen up, ladies

“In the end if all one accomplishes as a woman is being really sexy, forgetting to be kind, compassionate, authentic, and brilliant, then she misses out on being all that she can be. She misses out on making this world a better place. My friends, you were made to shine, to pour the light of […]

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A bummer on a Friday

I’m against the death penalty, but that’s not the only reason why I’m linking to this piece at The Atlantic about a woman talking to her kids about the recent execution of Troy Davis.  As my sister’s kids have gotten older I’ve started to think more about what we tell kids about the real world, and how […]

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I’m back, again

So all of a sudden my work computer and my blog started fighting. It was very sad. Especially because their tiff really cut into my lunch hour blogging. And that’s why I’ve been gone the past couple of weeks.   But I’m back, and what better way to celebrate my return than by gawking at Russia’s […]

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From the internet

On the internet this week, I enjoyed this blog post (warning: contains curse words) by a mom really upset with JC Penney over that shirt they were selling, which I think they have since stopped selling. And you should read this post from the same blog, because it’s great. I also found a new awesome* […]

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Look what I found

I came across a blog, Give 1 Save 1, that raises money for families wanting to adopt. As I understand it, the readers of the blog are asked to give $1 each week, and each Monday a different family or adoption-related group is named as the recipient of all the money donated that week. Adoptions are […]

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Oh, Howard

I came across another interesting site about beauty issues, and recently they re-posted a tutorial video about Photoshop. You really need to watch it, preferably with the sound on, because Howard from Tutcast is pretty funny. And by funny I mean awful. I especially like how he can’t think of another word for “a$$.”

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Internet Roundup

Some wonderful things the internet recently introduced into my life: 1. Gluey. It’s like Bejeweled, but globbier. 2. I am the nerd who asked her Geometry teacher for extra logic puzzles, so maybe no one else will find these linguistic puzzles as enjoyable as I did. But seriously, they’re challenging and really fun. 3. In […]

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