Here it is…

Note: This post may not be as controversial as I made it seem in my previous post. Sorry if this disappoints any of you. There’s an episode of “South Park” (that I heard about from a friend of mine, because I obviously don’t watch that show, Mom) in which a cloud of smug threatens to […]

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Come on, Lady

Wha??? (Warning: This may all seem rather petty, but our lives are simple and we like things the way we like them.) Todd and I went out to the movie theatre this weekend to see Shutter Island. We always arrive for movies early to allow time for us to get our milkshakes from the diner […]

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Yo. Here’s my blog.

So, here’s my blog. It’s new. I think you should bookmark it or add it to your RSS feed. It has the potential to change your life. Here are some questions you may have, and also my answers to those questions: What’s up with your blog’s name? My name, Hayley, seems easy to spell in […]

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