This new thing I’m trying

  I started making collages as a teenager to decorate my school binders. It was the only part of going back to school that didn’t make me want to throw up. Then one summer I got really bored and started collaging on my bedroom’s closet doors. I didn’t enjoy a lot of things about my […]

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You Make Beautiful Things

A little over a year ago my nephew decided to be baptized. At that time I had wanted to acknowledge this big decision he was making but I get uncomfortable trying to say touchy-feely stuff to people and I hate writing notes in cards, so Todd and I opted to get him the Narnia books […]

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Society 6!

Hi everybody! I have some new pieces available! And I’m going to try selling prints of them on Society 6, an awesome website full of great, affordable art (that can turn into quite the time-suck if you’re not careful). Here are the pieces, which are all prints of original pieces I hand-painted, -cut, and -glued: […]

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Memory Box

I just finished up a wedding memory box, commissioned by my parents’ good friend for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. It was kind of  a difficult project because I really didn’t want to screw up a special gift from a mother to a daughter, but it was an honor to be asked and the reviews were […]

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A little late in posting

My mom recently (two months ago) had a milestone birthday so I decided to make a decoupage block that celebrated some of the big dates in her life as a birthday present for her. Then things got super busy and crazy in my world and the birthday present became a Mother’s Day present. Happy Birthday/Mother’s […]

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New items!

Peeps! Go check out my Etsy shop! I have lots of new items listed for sale thanks to my sweet friend Laura, who took awesome product photos for me. Photos like this: And this: And this So please visit my shop, buy whatever strikes your fancy, and tell all your friends about it. And if […]

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As of Sunday night, I have more than one item in my Etsy shop. I’ve got eight new collages on blocks and canvases for sale (some of which you should be able to see to the right), and this time I’m not completely ashamed of my product photography. However, I’m not totally comfortable with my […]

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LIV Fest 2012

I’m going to be at LIV Fest‘s artisan market tomorrow (June 16) from 12-5 p.m. selling my wares. My booth will be on the south side of First Street in between Broadway and Topeka. I will have cards and prints you’ve already seen, as well as new items such as this: I actually took pictures of some other […]

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