Catch up

Hey! It’s been over 4 months since I last posted. Here’s some info to get you caught up on my life: My pop-up shop, Decoupagerie, was held in late November. It went well thanks to the help of my parents, sister, husband, and the super sweet friends who showed up and bought stuff. And thanks […]


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It’s a tentpole!

Things you start thinking about after watching what some people might consider too many episodes of Law & Order on Netflix: Alibis. Todd was gone on a recent Saturday morning so taking care of Steve, our dog, was left to me. I took him for a short walk and fed him and returned him to […]

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Todd’s Essay

When I was little my parents said my sister and I couldn’t watch Beverly Hills 90210 unless we watched it with them so we could have a post-viewing family discussion on the behavior of the characters. This basically resulted in my sister and me not watching Beverly Hills 90210. But I think it was a […]

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Keeping It Classy

I’m not here to judge. I watched that special on the Indian boy with four legs and have seen the occasional Toddlers & Tiaras episode. I’ve even been known to get sucked in by the Saturday morning mini-marathons of Say Yes to the Dress. Having said all that (and reminding you I’m not judging), please […]

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Oh, Vince

I think we’re all familiar with the ShamWow commercial and I probably don’t need to go into details of its highlights.* Highlights such as Vince’s insistent detailing of the ShamWow’s wonders. And the way he strangely holds a Sham Wow in front of his face while he tells you how long it will last. (Why […]

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Did any of you watch The Walking Dead on AMC? We watched the first episode when it premiered on Halloween and really liked it, and then we recorded the rest of the season. We finally got around to watching all the episodes this weekend, and I think it may become a new Christmas tradition. I […]

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British Invasion

I was watching Project Runway’s finale last night* and there were commercials for Lifetime’s new show, The Fairy Jobmother, during every single commercial break. They even tried to trick me into watching the commercials by including Project Runway contestants in them, but I was not fooled and fast-forwarded my way through each and every one […]

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