Memory Box

I just finished up a wedding memory box, commissioned by my parents’ good friend for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. It was kind of  a difficult project because I really didn’t want to screw up a special gift from a mother to a daughter, but it was an honor to be asked and the reviews were […]


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A little late in posting

My mom recently (two months ago) had a milestone birthday so I decided to make a decoupage block that celebrated some of the big dates in her life as a birthday present for her. Then things got super busy and crazy in my world and the birthday present became a Mother’s Day present. Happy Birthday/Mother’s […]

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Y’all, I have had a Month. Actually, I’ve had a Year topped off by a Month, and I’m really hoping they’re both coming to an end together, at the exact same time, with some Russian-synchronized-swim-team-precision. Because while we’re doing fine and are going to be fine, I’m just ready to move on. In the spirit […]

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New items!

Peeps! Go check out my Etsy shop! I have lots of new items listed for sale thanks to my sweet friend Laura, who took awesome product photos for me. Photos like this: And this: And this So please visit my shop, buy whatever strikes your fancy, and tell all your friends about it. And if […]

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“Oz” and other thoughts

I took my niece and nephew to see Oz The Great and Powerful last weekend. They loved it. (But they also chose watching Larry the Cable Guy’s Tooth Fairy 2 over getting donuts, so their judgment is suspect.) I did not love the movie, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was that […]

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Fridays with Toby

While I was still feeling extremely tired from my Vitamin D deficiency my former employer was super gracious and let me take Fridays off as sick days to get some extra rest and hopefully recuperate faster. And on those Fridays I slept like I was getting paid to, sometimes sleeping eight hours straight without breaks. That’s unsurprising since I pretty much minored in naps at college.

My cat Toby was extremely glad to have me home on these Fridays. Or maybe I was just in his spot. Either way, I started documenting our time together. This is my series, “Fridays with Toby.”

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