So, I’m going to India…

So, I’m going to India in August. I’m nervous but also super excited.

I’m excited because I’m going with The Miracle Foundation, an Austin-based organization that partners with struggling orphanages in India to help them better care for the children. These are struggling orphanages, run by Indians, who lack the resources to provide for the children in the ways they want to. The Miracle Foundation provides those resources, such as funding, programs, and knowledge, and works with the orphanages long-term to ensure the children continue to receive the best care.

I’ll be gone for about two weeks, and will spend the majority of my time at an orphanage outside of Mumbai. I’m most excited about helping the kids with an art project/mural we’ll be doing so they can personalize their living spaces. We also get to take them on a day trip that wouldn’t be possible without the extra manpower we’ll bring, and then we get to just hang out with the kids and the staff for a few days!

The kids will be awesome, obviously, but I’m also really looking forward to getting an up-close look at what The Miracle Foundation does. I’m very interested in how non-profits operate and how I can help them operate better, and I hope to learn a lot from an organization that’s been doing that very thing for years.

As I’ve stated a couple times already, I am so excited. But before I signed up to go I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t be adding to, or even creating, any problems at the orphanage with my trip. I had a very long conversation with a representative from The Miracle Foundation back in January (a very important conversation in my life that occurred while I was getting my car serviced at Midas) and I feel so good about what this trip will do for the organization and the orphanages this organization helps. I truly think I can be a blessing while in India and with the stories I will tell when I come home.

I just love children. I’m still trying to figure out how God wants me to use this love. I think this trip is part of the answer.

And I am so excited.

Please visit The Miracle Foundation’s website to learn more about what they do. And I would be – no exaggeration – eternally grateful if you’d visit my fundraising page to help me get the funds I need to travel. Thank you for reading this and for any support you can give me.

I’m so excited!



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