Tread on Trafficking 2012 Wrap-up

Friends/Family! I exceeded my Tread on Trafficking goal this year and it’s because you guys are awesome. It’s not because I walked a whole bunch, because I lost track of my miles in early to mid June and I have no idea what my final count was. But I know you’ll forgive me since you didn’t give because of my walking but because you care about victims of sex trafficking, and because you’re awesome.

As stated above, I know you gave because you care about the work Love146 is doing all over the world. But I also know you gave to my specific campaign because you care about me to some degree, and that means a lot to me. So even though you didn’t give $550 to me personally, you did give $550 with me partly in mind, so I feel very loved.

And now I can stop begging you for donations and get back to other important topics, such as TV shows and things that bother me. Yay!

But seriously, thank you. You guys were very generous and I believe your money is going to do great things.


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