Things I learned (and one enduring mystery)

Todd and I provided respite care for two little ones last week. We had them for five days, by far the longest placement in our short foster care history, which meant more time to learn valuable lessons.

1. Nap time is sacred. And it’s painful for everyone when a case worker asks you to forego nap time one day for a family visit.

2. TV is awesome. I felt this acutely this past week while caring for two kids who could not have cared less for TV, when all I wanted were 30 uninterrupted minutes to make lunch and clean the kitchen. Usually Elmo provides these precious 30 minutes, but these kids were having none of him. Or Curious George. Or Thomas the Train. Or Word Girl. I blame Netflix. If only they hadn’t taken off Yo Gabba Gabba…

3. Foster care is challenging.

4. Foster care is worth it. And if you have the space in your home you should totally think about doing it. Hit me up for my worker’s name, she’s awesome.

And the enduring mystery? A little girl goes to bed one night wearing a diaper, and wakes up fully dressed in her pajamas but is no longer wearing the diaper. Where did it go? We may never know.


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